Reliable vehicle data forms the basis for the best possible parts allocation and spare parts supply.


Eucon's Market Data Engine® Classic Parts & Parts integrates the leading databases and archives on classic and vintage vehicles into a comprehensive online service that offers a maximum of data, products, services, contacts and information for classic vehicles and their environment.


We provide the supplier and user market with reliable data:

• Vehicles (SOP: > 15 years, optional SOP > 10 years)

• Parts (original / replacement / aftermarket)

• 3D print data

• Tire & rim data incl. permissible alternatives

• Original color data per vehicle model

• Parts availabilities

• Parts prices (MSRP) from 27 countries / markets

• Image data, technical data, media & press data

• Sources of supply & addresses

• Address databases: clubs, workshops, appraisers

• Multilingual data


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